Letters to the Editor

Bernard H. Cochran: Bible believers?

Recently Tim Cook, CEO of Apple Corporation, declared that being gay is “the greatest gift God has ever given me.” The admirable courage of his gay-celebrating statement is underscored by the fact that his “offense” is punishable by death in some countries, while in the more liberal United States, 29 states still allow gays legally to be fired from their jobs – the majority of which are “Bible belt” states that base their positions on “the plain teaching of Scripture.”

Regrettably, many black ministers preach anti-gay sermons, unable to recognize that injustice for millions of gays, perpetrated because it is assumed to be supported by Scripture, is the same type of injustice millions of blacks experienced when majority opinion in the South was based on the scriptural conclusion that slavery had God’s definite approval. The Rev. Richard Furman, Southern Baptist minister of the First Baptist Church in Charleston, S.C., drafted the biblical defense of slavery.

If it be declared that the biblical commandment regarding adultery must be followed as “plain teaching” (“both the adulterer and the adulteress shall be put to death,” Leviticus 20:10), we will have become a truly consistent “Bible-believing” nation.

Dr. Bernard H. Cochran

Professor emeritus, Department of Religion and Philosophy, Meredith College


The writer doesn’t speak for Meredith College.