Letters to the Editor

C.P. Mangel: Solving the “gay-marriage problem”

Regarding the Nov. 7 Point of View “ On marriage and magistrates”: Gregory Wallace gave us a “simple solution” to the gay marriage “problem” by asserting “no one has a right to be married by a particular magistrate.”

Wallace’s simple solution can be used to resolve gay marriage problems occurring in myriad circumstances: Since no one has the right to seek service at a particular restaurant or particular hotel, those establishments can refuse to serve or accommodate gay couples because gays can simply go to restaurants and hotels “who don’t object” to them.

Since no one has a right to have their children registered for school by a particular school administrator, those administrators “who cannot perform” registration of children born to or adopted by immoral gay parents can instruct gay families to simply take their children on “Gay Registration Day” so they can be registered by a gay-friendly school employee.

Since no one has the right to sit in a particular seat on the bus, gays can simply sit at the back of the bus. And since it’s easy for gays to pass as straight, they can simply wear a pink triangle when out in public. So we can all know exactly who we are dealing with.

C.P. Mangel

Chapel Hill