Letters to the Editor

Beth Timson: Magistrates must follow law

Regarding the Nov. 12 editorial “Berger’s folly II”: Senate leader Phil Berger needs to understand that he is standing at the top of a slippery slope with his idea of legislation to allow certain public officials (e.g., magistrates) to opt out of performing their duties (e.g., civil marriages) based on religious objections.

Public officials are public servants, which means they serve the public, the entire public, whether they like or agree with those members of the public. After all, it’s those very members of the whole public whose taxes pay their salaries.

If some public servants are allowed to choose which parts of the public they will serve, then this particular member of the public might feel it’s my right to decide which taxes I will pay to support those public services that do not offend my conscience.

It’s doing what is legal in our society, even if we sometimes aren’t happy about it, that keeps us from social chaos. And more so for public servants than for anyone else.

Beth Timson