Letters to the Editor

Charlotte T. Best: UNC exploitation

I noticed that UNC Professor Michael Jacobs in his Nov. 12 Point of View “ What athletic scandal?” included no disclaimers that his views are not those of the university as other faculty and staff are now required to do. Perhaps his Point of View coincides with the powers-that-be at the university, and he is their point man. No pun intended.

Jacobs is a professor in the business school, CEO of Jacobs Capital and chair of the coal ash commission appointed by Gov. Pat McCrory. He explains that the true culprits in this non-athletic “scandal” are the Arts and Sciences faculty, who did not keep a firm hand on the academic offerings for unqualified athlete recruits. Hence bogus classes. This charge is blaming the largely dis-empowered.

In the present corporation management style of the university system, critical input from faculty and students is not encouraged, and upper administration decision-making tends to favor the interests of large donors and their political allies. Yet Jacobs chides liberal arts faculty for dereliction of duty.

Left out of this merry, tongue-in-cheek romp is the real scandal at UNC: the exploitation of human beings for profit.

Charlotte T. Best

Chapel Hill