Letters to the Editor

Skip Crayton: Too much spin by Jacobs

Regarding Michael Jacobs’ Nov. 12 Point of View “ What athletic scandal?”: Of all the spin that has been used to downplay the athletic scandal at my university, the ultimate tongue-in-cheek attempt was done masterfully by Jacobs. His piece appears at first to be an objective view of what has taken place but actually is one of the slickest mechanisms of placing icing on a rotten cake, by directing the blame from the actual culprits to the other side. In other words, pointing the finger at others, a vast majority of whom are innocent.

His vain attempt falls short. Read by someone who has not followed the debacle, it would appear, at first, to be objective and substantive. However, a closer look clearly shows his intent is to direct the argument away from the current scandal. His praise of Provost Jim Dean makes this all too clear. That article becomes just another attempt to perpetrate the fraud. Now, I wonder who actually wrote the piece, Jacobs or someone else at the university?

Skip Crayton

New Bern