Letters to the Editor

Cecelia Davis: Illegal freedom

Regarding the Nov. 19 letter “ Time for reform”: I agree it’s time for immigration reform. However, the reform I’d like to see is enforcing the laws we currently have.

The writer references 11 million “undocumented people” (i.e. illegal immigrants) who should be “allowed to contribute to the economy by paying their full share of taxes.” I suspect the number is closer to 20 million and why should they want to “pay their full share of taxes” when their health care is free, educating their children is free and a large portion of their wages can be sent back to their home country?

I’ve seen many polls asking voters to rank their concerns. The list usually contains the following: illegal immigration, the economy, unemployment, rising cost of health care, education, etc. People need to wake up and realize all these issues are closely related.

These people aren’t immigrants. They’re illegal immigrants. They illegally obtain goods and services. Bank robbers, forgers and embezzlers do the same and are sent to prison. These people are aided, abetted and rewarded by our federal government. So, there we go, folks. Our tax dollars at work (just not for us).

Cecelia Davis