Letters to the Editor

Stephen Kandall: What NC medical statistics say

Regarding the Nov. 14 column “ The confession about ACA deception”: As a physician, Charles Krauthammer should certainly be concerned about our country’s striking failure to develop a health care system for all of our residents, not just the wealthy.

Krauthammer must be aware that our unenviable health statistics – infant mortality rate, immunization rate, access to primary care and preventable deaths – have led to the World Health Organization ranking us No. 37 in overall health care quality. We trail Costa Rica but have edged out Slovenia and Cuba.

The Affordable Care Act, admittedly an imperfect but evolving health care system, was cobbled together over Republican opposition to provide needed insurance to millions of our residents while slowing the growth of health care costs. Why did not a single Republican senator have the courage to say, “We’re in this together; let’s cooperate to build a truly great system for this country”?

The real deception that Krauthammer should address is our (and other states’) rejection of both state-run exchanges and Medicaid expansion, based in our state on the false statement that the North Carolina Medicaid system was “broken.”

A philosophy on medical care that “I’ve got mine, and I don’t care if you get yours” does not serve this country well.

Stephen Kandall