Letters to the Editor

Dale White: Right-wing chuckle courtesy of Gene Nichol

Overstating how much I enjoyed the N&O’s Other Opinion page of Nov. 19 would take some doing, but let me try. Placing J. Peder Zane’s insightful election review “ No dismissing the Dems’ drubbing” side-by-side with Gene Nichol’s spittle-flecked rant of frustration (“ Solace resides in pure purpose”) absolutely made my day.

Even given my familiarity with Nichol’s frequent nonsense in The N&O, I still can’t understand how someone of his educational attainment could have churned out such an unhinged screed two weeks after the election. (Still foaming at the mouth about George Bush? Seriously, Nichol needs to get a grip.) If he had written it late on election night before his psychic wounds had had a chance to scab over, maybe that would explain it.

In any event, I’m thinking of having that page framed and hung on the wall above my computer desk. We surly, old, right-wing curmudgeons need all the chuckles we can get.

Dale White

Chapel Hill