Letters to the Editor

Randy Jones: Wrong direction

Regarding the Nov. 20 letter “ Right or wrong”: I have to confess that I misread the bumper sticker that was followed by advertisements for a step to the right. I read it as “I’m right, you’re left. I’m right, you’re wrong. I’m right in, you’re left out.”

The letter-writer said it was a moral issue. I wonder whether she weighed each candidate’s strengths and weaknesses or if she voted only for the right side. I also wonder if she believes only Republicans have the right stuff and that there isn’t one Democrat left in America whose opinion matters.

America is politically polarized. Nothing is getting done in Washington, growth is stagnated in this “us vs. them, take no prisoners, my way or the highway” attitude. We need to become whole again.

If we cut off our left hand, our right hand will be left.

Randy Jones

Chapel Hill