Letters to the Editor

Greg Bruhn: Teacher misperceptions

The Nov. 17 Other Opinion community conversations column “N.C. teachers” revealed the misperception that exists on the part of non-educators.

The suggestion that dissatisfied N.C. teachers moving to another higher-paying state would result in higher taxes and a higher cost of living might be true if N.C were 47th or 48th in the cost of living, but it is not. Our overall cost of living is in the neighborhood of 25th among the 50 states.

The perspective of a businessman mentioning the “taxpayer safety net” failed to mention the thousands of educators who fell through the safety net due to the short-sightedness of our current legislature. Many teachers are thoroughly familiar with the private sector as they work after school, weekends and during summer “vacations.”

The tone of this writer reminded me of Thom Tillis’ remark that the teachers affiliated with the North Carolina Association of Educators were interested only in their pensions and not in their students. That type of remark would have been more appropriately directed toward a business entity like the Carolina Panthers that received $88 million to remain in Charlotte and paid a player $772,000 for not playing a game.

Greg Bruhn