Letters to the Editor

Anna Griffin: Fighting hunger

In response to the Nov. 9 letter “ Lunchroom lament,” I am a senior at East Chapel Hill High School. Similar to the letter-writer’s experience, I have found that much of our school’s pre-prepared meals are never consumed but wasted. My sister and I developed a club called “East Feeds.”

In our club, we aim to improve upon the local lack of available and affordable nutrition for the less fortunate. We do our part to leave an impact on the area by volunteering locally.

If the writer is interested, I would be glad to talk to her about our club and what we do.

I wrote about hunger in one of my college admissions essays. Researching for this essay exposed to me how serious the issue of hunger is. Human beings have certain necessities for survival, food and nutrition being the most prominent. Shouldn’t it be understood that everyone should have ways to support their nutritional needs?

We all need to contribute to ending this crisis. Even if our individual contributions are small, our collective contribution can have great impact.

Anna Griffin

Chapel Hill