Letters to the Editor

Tom Hauck: Underachieving teachers

The Nov. 17 Other Opinion community conversations column “N.C. teachers” was another of a great many columns and news stories about how North Carolina teachers are not happy with their compensation.

I am surprised they are so well-paid. If they worked for a private school, they would need to do better than a 68 percent failure rate of the essential reading and math tests in 2013. That was the failure rate for all North Carolina public school students in the 2012-13 school year. Later scores have not been posted on ncreportcards.org/src/.

You have written extensively about the UNC-Chapel Hill scandal of some football players who were not prepared for college work. How about a few words in support of almost a million North Carolina students who are not being prepared in their public schools for a productive life?

Tom Hauck