Letters to the Editor

Ron Margiotta: Implement impact fees to manage overcrowded schools

Regarding the Nov. 13 news article “ More schools may limit students”: Prior to our recent election and still continuing, some of our local elected officials, mayors and council members have taken issue with the county commissioners for lack of available classroom space in some parts of the county.

This position was taken on their part knowing full well the county commissioners do not determine placement of schools or the amount of bond referendums. It was publicly reported a number of times that the amount of the 2012 bond referendum was with mutual agreement between the county commissioners and the school board.

Anyone who follows local politics will understand the motivation behind the objections of these local politicians – politics!

A partial solution to the lack of classroom space – I am sure not to the liking of these politicians – would be for them to use their political clout to petition the state representatives to give them the authority to implement “impact fees,” the most logical way to manage growth and have growth help pay for itself.

We should also have restrictions placed on all communities to restrict residential growth where schools and infrastructure cannot accommodate that growth.

Ron Margiotta


The writer, a member of the Wake County school board from 2003 to 2011, was chairman from 2009 to 2011.