Letters to the Editor

Brian Mullan: Better students to the (Common) Core

Regarding the Nov. 18 news article “ Panel says it needs money to replace Common Core”: Common Core was designed so students from every state could be compared in regards to their readiness for the next grade, high school or entrance to college.

North Carolina abandoning this is foolish. If every state does this then a college has much less confidence in measuring a potential student’s capability for success because what may be an “A” in North Carolina may be a “B” or “C” in some other state.

Gaming the system may make parents and legislators feel better, but it does not create better students. Take a look at last year’s international rankings and see where the United States is: businessinsider.com/pisa-rankings-2013-12.

It’s pitiful. For instance, in math the U.S. ranks far below countries such as Estonia, Slovenia, Vietnam. No wonder the U.S. outsources so much technical work to overseas companies and hires so many H1B visa guest workers. We can’t seem to be able to accept that failure is part of learning.

Brian Mullan