Letters to the Editor

Lewise Busch: Restore unemployment benefits

Unemployed workers in our state now receive only 14 weeks of unemployment insurance, while most states offer 26 weeks of benefits. According to NC Policy Watch, our benefits average $300 less per month than other states.

Meanwhile, the federal government has granted North Carolina a waiver so that employers will not have to pay their expected share of the debt repayment required as the result of borrowing to fund benefits during the recent recession. Hence, the costs of the cuts in insurance are falling mainly on jobless people, not on their employers, who have more ability to pay.

This appears to be just one more time this state government has laid the burden of poverty on the very people who need help to get on their feet again. Remember, benefits are available only to those who lose jobs through no fault of their own.

North Carolina, we can do better than this. Our legislators in Raleigh must recognize the injustice of this situation. I ask them to restore the benefit cuts. If they cannot do this because it is the right thing to do, they should consider doing it because it would be good for business.

Recipients spend their money on consumer goods and services, building demand and supporting the economy.

Lewise Busch

Chapel Hill