Letters to the Editor

John J. Little: Ignoring residents’ comments on fracking rules

Regarding the Nov. 15 news article “ Fracking rules finalized”: I learned with dismay but little surprise that the N.C. Mining and Energy Commission essentially ignored 217,000 public comments critical of its draft rules for fracking when it submitted its proposed rules to the Rules Review Commission on Nov. 14.

The MEC did make some superficial changes from its original proposal, but none seriously addressed concerns related to waste management, setbacks from buildings and water supplies, chemical disclosure and rules enforcement – all matters that deal with public health and safety as well as air and water quality.

The fracking record in other states constitutes a deplorable disregard for the public welfare and a sterling concern for corporate profits. The rules sent to the RRC promise a similar outcome in North Carolina.

Is it any wonder that the general public, in North Carolina and the nation, has developed such a cynical attitude for government that treats its residents’ valid concerns with such a cavalier, dismissive attitude?

John J. Little