Letters to the Editor

Jerry Smith: Vets deserve benefits

A travesty! That’s what’s described in the Nov. 16 Work & Money article “ Cuts in military mean job losses for career staff.”

I get that we need to control spending, and reducing the size of our military at appropriate times is prudent. But to do so on the backs of the people who have voluntarily sacrificed so much to fight our wars for us is a travesty.

Most Americans give no thought to the continuous worldwide conflicts in which our country is embroiled. This is not World War II, when the war was a part of the daily fabric of every American. Most of us go weeks without feeling a single impact on our lives from the current wars.

Not so for those who have volunteered to fight them. It is their whole lives. They have volunteered for many different reasons, but certainly not for the promise of financial security. Yet when we are done with them, we cast them aside like a worn-out pair of shoes we no longer need.

Yes, cost cuts mean some will lose their jobs. But to deprive them of the benefits they’ve earned and deserve by their lifelong sacrifice is inexcusable. This must be fixed!

Jerry Smith

Wake Forest