Letters to the Editor

Anthony Bruno: Help American workers

Regarding the Nov. 21 news article “ Obama: ‘Come out of the shadows’ ”: American workers be damned! This was the unspoken message heard by millions of Americans as President Obama said he was taking the unusual step of “legalizing” illegal immigrants.

Who are the “damned” American workers? Begin with unemployed, older, professional technology workers whose skills are “dated.” So rather than train them, IT companies lobbied government to increase the number of H-1B visas. The companies win, but the displaced workers find themselves working in nonprofessional jobs earning much less.

Another group is young unskilled workers, mostly minorities who can’t find work as positions are now filled with “undocumented” immigrants.

A third group are those working two part-time jobs who cannot find full-time jobs.

What the president and Congress ignore or do not see is how immigration, not just illegal immigration, has created a “perfect storm” where too many job seekers are competing for fewer jobs.

The Executive Order will not address the problem of fewer jobs. It is a political pacifier meant to appease a growing political force both parties fear. Throughout his speech Obama kept pulling out the “empathy card” to convince viewers this was the right thing to do. Too bad he couldn’t play an additional card on behalf of American workers!

Anthony Bruno