Letters to the Editor

Brenda Cleary: We won’t quit

I’d like to thank you for the Nov. 18 editorial “ Obama rebound” and acknowledge the powerful Nov. 19 Point of View “ Solace resides in pure purpose” by Gene Nichol.

As the Democratic candidate for Congress in District 13, I never once wavered from supporting the president, especially around health care reform. The Affordable Care Act – a big step forward in improving health care coverage, access and quality and in lowering runaway costs – was a pillar of my campaign.

Obviously, I was disappointed by the outcome of the election, but with nearly 115,000 votes, we exceeded our projections of the numbers needed for victory based on a higher than average midterm turnout. We are still analyzing the numbers in an election that took much of our state and nation by surprise.

I do not want future candidates to lose the hope of being able to stay on message and run a good race based on a sound budget managed well (in our case just under $100,000) and hard work spent on direct contact with voters. We stopped counting at 10,000 door knocks in the nine counties of District 13, along with many more phone calls and mailings.

As Nichol put it, “Our solace, our steel, lies in our purpose.”

Brenda Cleary