Letters to the Editor

Andrew Sleeth: Quicker recipes, please?

Seldom do I see the editorial pages take issue with something that appeared in the paper’s Life, etc. section. Well, on behalf of Triangle-area bachelors, I’m throwing down the gauntlet.

The Nov. 19 Chew On This column “ Sorting out yams from sweet potatoes” sharing a local cookbook author’s take on sweet potatoes versus yams featured her elaborate recipe for roasted sweet potatoes and crispy kale.

Apart from consuming 12 column inches and rivaling the U.S. tax code for its complexity, the recipe included 13 distinct ingredients and required upward of 70 minutes baking time in a 350-degree oven. (Its creator was either too presumptuous or too embarrassed to offer an estimated prep time.)

Not long ago, I prepared a similar meal using kale, tater tots and olive oil, cooked in a microwave oven and requiring a comparative snippet of time, effort and nonrenewable energy. It was quite delectable. (One might easily substitute sweet potato tots, if desired.)

Maybe it’s time the food editor began tossing a pinch more to the 99 percent of readers who have neither the time nor resources she seems to believe we do preparing evening meals.

Andrew Sleeth