Letters to the Editor

Robert P. Kennel: Don’t punish Pack with no bowl

The N&O dropped a scandal issue into the Dec. 13 “ Bowl bloat” editorial. You should not have included UNC-CH and N.C. State together as examples of universities that should consider declining a bowl invitation.

After the Mary Easley scandal, N.C. State had a thorough house-cleaning of somewhat naive leaders, bringing in an outstanding leadership team and strong results.

To point, N.C. State coach Dave Doeren’s football team deserves to go to a bowl game, should have gone to Charlotte and gains experience for a very young team in recruiting-rich Florida.

In 1957 I was fortunate to letter on coach Earle Edwards’ first ACC championship team, which could not go bowling due to a basketball scandal. At Edwards’ request, I wrote a letter as a multi-sport athlete to Walter Byers of the NCAA, and Byers responded that the NCAA had to rule on the total university rather than individual sports.

Times certainly change relative to bowls, TV, money, amateurism and NCAA, but your editorial should not tar N.C. State with any common bowl decision brush.

Robert P. Kennel

Holly Springs