Letters to the Editor

Joe Wheelan: McCrory prolonged story

Regarding the Dec. 19 news article “ McCrory critical of news report”: The Associated Press deserves praise for its carefully written investigative story about Gov. Pat McCrory’s alleged conflict-of-interest problems at Tree.com.

Furthermore, The N&O deserves credit for carrying that story and taking the heat from McCrory and his flacks. Of course, The N&O is used to the heat; its stories about the governor and his Duke Energy stock generated plenty.

After wading through the blustering indignation, name-calling and veiled threats, I don’t see that the governor and his PR people were able to seriously challenge the AP story’s facts. Their real objection was to its having been written and published at all. Moreover, McCrory’s endless caviling has prolonged the story’s life for days after its publication.

Investigative pieces like this validate the First Amendment’s great importance in our democracy. It is when elected officials can cow the media into remaining silent that we are all in deep trouble.

Joe Wheelan