Letters to the Editor

Henrietta Jenrette: Take the high ground regarding torture

Regarding the Dec. 10 news article “ Report: Torture by CIA wasn’t worth its cruelty”: A reader replied in a Dec. 11 letter, “This is what a spy agency should be doing. Our enemies should be terrified of what may happen to them if they are captured.”

Yes, their leaders should be terrified: that their people who come into American hands will be shown a humanity that doesn’t exist in their own states, terrified that many of their people will defect when they realize that what they were told would happen didn’t and that they learned instead that Americans are a people who live by ideals that all people are created equal and are endowed by inalienable rights, even our enemies who come into our custody.

There were many defections during the Cold War. As long as we live by our values and don’t just talk about them, we have the advantage of the moral high ground. Let the world look up to the shining city on the hill and not down into the underground dark dungeons of torture.

Henrietta Jenrette