Letters to the Editor

Michael Lindsay: Costly captivity

In a Dec. 9 news story, we read that six Guantanamo Bay prisoners were recently released and sent to Uruguay. The six men were detained 12 years ago for alleged ties with al-Qaida but were never charged. According to a New Republic article in September, the cost per prisoner in Guantanamo is $2.8 million a year. Compare that with the costliest prison in the United States, Colorado Supermax, which is $78,000 per prisoner per year.

Now let’s do the math for the costs of imprisonment at the two prisons: At Guantanamo, 6 prisoners x 12 years x $2.8 million = $201.6 million; while at Supermax, 6 prisoners x 12 years x $78,000 = $5.6 million. Almost $200 million seems like a very expensive way to evade the laws of the United States.

Michael Lindsay