Letters to the Editor

Gail S. Phares: Tarnishing U.S.

Regarding the Dec. 11 news article “ CIA, Senate Dems feud over torture report”: I have grave concerns about the report from the Senate Intelligence Committee on the use of torture by the CIA and contractors.

I do not want my tax dollars used to pay for torture. I do not want these actions taken in my name! The report indicates that both President George W. Bush and Vice President Dick Cheney knew about these actions and approved of them. Later the CIA repeatedly lied about its actions to the U.S. Congress. I believe that someone should be tried and sent to prison for these immoral actions.

I am troubled by statements made by Sen. Richard Burr, as the incoming chairperson of the Senate Intelligence Committee. Certainly as a son of a Presbyterian minister, he must have some sense of ethics and morality. He must take responsible action.

These kind of actions must never be allowed again to happen in the name of the people of the United States. We pride ourselves in being a nation concerned about human rights and the importance of our system of laws. This report contradicts all that we say we believe.

Gail S. Phares