Letters to the Editor

Steve Hensen: Class divisions

I often see letters in The People’s Forum riddled with confusion, half-truths and even occasional lies, but few as egregious as the Dec. 16 “Blame game” letter protesting a “one-sided” view of the rich in an editorial cartoon.

The reality is that today the majority of the 1 percent, the truly rich, got that way through the simple manipulation of money and markets. The bankers, hedge-fund managers, mortgage lenders and health care, insurance, pharmaceutical tycoons are getting rich through little more than cynical greed and political manipulation (a prime example being the recent $1.1 trillion budget bill, carrying secret riders that allow the banks to return to the criminal and dangerous practices that recently brought the country to its knees and virtually destroyed the middle class).

To suggest that the poor are getting poorer because they don’t take responsibility is truly twisted and, well, irresponsible. Perhaps they got that way because they work for Walmart, which refuses to pay its employees fairly, while members of the Walton family, ingenious entrepreneurs that they are, have individual fortunes in the tens of billions.

The letter’s arrogance on behalf of the rich and barely disguised contempt for the poor are all too emblematic of the widening class divisions that will surely destroy our country.

Steve Hensen