Letters to the Editor

Amy Beshgetoorian: Make a lifestyle change

Regarding the High on the Hog series: I am offended by seeing tightly penned pigs and their carcasses on the front page every day. Pigs have been proven to be more intelligent than dolphins, but I don’t believe we will see anyone glorifying the deliciousness of dolphin steak.

Study after study has proven that a diet of animal products and refined foods causes cancer and all the other Western diseases that abound. Pork is the top of the list as the most acidifying meat. Translation: not good for our immune system in any way.

My husband and I have been vegan for the past four years. Once we learned the cause of cancer, the huge environmental impact of factory farming and the misery animals must endure to feed our appetite, we quickly made the lifestyle change. I encourage others to stand up and make a positive change for their bodies, our earth and animals that are every bit as smart and loving as your family pet.

Amy Beshgetoorian