Letters to the Editor

Scott Misner: Make Stone’s Warehouse a rec center

The Dec. 13 news article “ Developers vie for Stone’s Warehouse” demonstrates potential for another ho-hum project in a city yearning to be innovative. The well-respected usual suspects are highly qualified at delivering for their consumers. Yet there’s an apparent lack of vision imagining this space for “others.”

City leaders are showing an unfortunate lack of initiative here. Envisioning potential uses for Stone’s requires thoughtful consideration for the existing community. What’s missing? More luxury apartments, a music hall, an upscale market, in a downtown already filled with plenty? More upscale specialty shops and cafes catering to upper-class (white) consumers? Projects similar to City Market, two blocks away? Development driven by the almighty dollar.

Who’s concerned about current residents of the community? The location is prime for something unique. Say, a 24-hour fieldhouse offering basketball day and night, keeping kids active, healthy and positive. A no-swear facility staffed by adult leaders caring to keep kids on the right path. A destination gym that generates revenue by transforming to attract youth summer basketball tournaments. A space housing cheerleader camps, dances, yoga classes and healthy community activities.

The area deserves better than what’s on the table. Another opportunity for something innovative. Another opportunity apparently headed toward sameness.

Scott Misner