Letters to the Editor

Mark Nance: New resolution to end gerrymandering

As the year’s end approaches, it’s time to think about resolutions. I’ve often found it difficult to nail down the best one, so I have a rule of thumb: If over the course of the year I’ve come across the same idea a few times in different places, I resolve to act on it. That could be a new author whose books I should read. It might be an old idea that will make me a better parent.

From the Dec. 13 Point of View “ Time for nonpartisans to draw N.C. districts,” Ann and John Campbell’s call for reforms to end gerrymandering in North Carolina is a good candidate. Former Raleigh and Charlotte mayors Charles Meeker and Richard Vinroot – a Democrat and a Republican – have pledged to work for reform. The League of Municipalities has made it a priority for next year. Even the state House of Representatives proposed a bill for reform with the majority of members as co-sponsors, but the bill died.

The signs are everywhere, and the message is clear. For too many decades, politicians in North Carolina have chosen their voters instead of us choosing them. Perhaps we need a state resolution for 2015. Let’s end gerrymandering now and put “we the people” in charge of electing our representatives.

Mark Nance