Letters to the Editor

Jason Beverly: Time for GOP to lead, not talk

Regarding the Dec. 21 Point of View “ Some more about politics than academics”: Just when I thought the political attack ads of the last election were over, Jenna Robinson and Jane Shaw continue unabated.

In this political advertisement for the John W. Pope Center, the two authors would have us believe that since the Democrats have infiltrated academia then it is only fair that the majority Republican Board of Governors attack academia. To further their point that academia is laden with liberals, they point to a conference at which no one was there to “present an alternative – such as the idea that progress in the South might come from private enterprise, not from more government.”

In case the two authors are unaware, the GOP controls the N.C. General Assembly, governor’s mansion, Board of Governors and soon will control the U.S. Senate and House. In other words, the election season is over, and it is time to see some actual ideas and leadership from the GOP.

In the future, if the counterpoint so desired by the authors is not represented as a serious policy discussion, then it is only because the GOP had no serious policy to discuss.

Jason Beverly, Durham