Letters to the Editor

Don Brown: Terminate UNC political centers

In regard to Lewis Pitts’ Dec. 18 column “ What’s the counterpoint to justice for all?”: There are many counterarguments to positions taken by the UNC Center for Civil Rights.

First, that so-called “academic center” participated in blatant political activities having nothing to do with civil rights, including the HKonJ marches, which have advocated a 14-point “people’s agenda” calling for, among other things, a freeze on UNC tuition rates, public campaign financing, full implementation of Obamacare and creation of a state Department of Human Rights to regulate businesses more.

The UNC center also represented the Rev. William Barber’s NAACP in suing to stop the school voucher program, which will expand choice for low-income families; has advocated gay marriage and represented Moral Monday protesters in court at state expense.

Taxpayer money should be spent on education, not left-wing political agendas. The UNC Board of Governors should do more than require presentation of counter-arguments at this center and the UNC poverty center. Instead, it should terminate both of these political centers.

Don Brown, Charlotte