Letters to the Editor

Charles Houseworth: Anthropologists don’t get it

Regarding the Dec. 19 letter “ Racial violence must end” from UNC anthropologists: Wow. Prison-industrial complex? United States “ideology” that all are equal under the law? Inequality has been structured into the justice system? Militarization of local police forces?

As anthropologists, maybe they should broaden their horizons a bit and undertake a few more studies outside of their “discipline.” And maybe they should give thanks to the many people and, yes, the society that has enabled them to pursue their “professional” educations and careers. As for their right to “militant” protest, I will let that stand alone, but maybe they should consider that their militancy may further promote more unwanted response from the majority of us who still respect law and order.

Given that the current demand for professional anthropologists seems to be quite small and getting smaller, I will probably be seeing them at McDonald’s. I’ll pass on the fries.

Charles Houseworth, Wake Forest