Letters to the Editor

Emily Kotecki: Hey, Mom! Got 24 hours?

I am a new, working mom. My friends and colleagues are multi-talented, amazing women who work and have families. I was surprised at the self-congratulatory tone of the Dec. 16 Life, etc., article “ Hey, Dad! Got 20 minutes?” in which a working father realized that “20 minutes is all it takes to become a better father.”

The author seems to think that all it takes to be a good dad is to find the strength to stop checking his smart phone and talk to his kids for a few minutes until dinner (that someone else cooks) is ready. If this article featured a working mom proudly declaring the same sentiment, she would quickly be labeled a bad mother. Or the article would focus on the tired “Can she have it all?” trope, noting the tension of pursuing both a career and motherhood.

Instead of outdated “Leave It to Beaver” celebrations of one dad’s minor accomplishments, I propose a front-page spread celebrating the amazing feats women accomplish as mothers, wives and colleagues; a job that takes 24 hours a day, not 20 minutes.

Emily Kotecki