Letters to the Editor

Virginia Liddle: Realizing privilege

The Dec. 19 letter “ No ‘white privilege’ ” pointed out that those of us with white parentage and exemplary lives get where we are by the lives we live.

I, too, have lived a good life. I have been driving for almost 70 years without a serious traffic stop. The one time an officer stopped me, I had been driving somewhat over the speed limit and hadn’t noticed because there was no traffic on the highway. I was not even asked to get out of the car. The officer just reminded me of the speed limit. That’s “white privilege.”

Many years ago friends told me about having driven all night rather than trying to stay at a motel, because they knew the color of their skin would likely prevent them from getting accommodations. I have stayed at dozens of motels and never had to give it a thought. That’s “white privilege.”

Those of us who have it aren’t aware of it until it is pointed out to us.

Virginia Liddle