Letters to the Editor

Steven Metzler: De Blasio’s role

Your Dec. 23 editorial “ The NYC tragedy” on the assassination of two New York City police officers failed to talk about the heart of the problem.

When the mayor of New York City allowed gangs of “demonstrators” to take over bridges and streets, assault police, destroy property and chant “kill police now,” he is a major contributor to this multiple murder. It’s not hard to see how an emotionally disturbed individual can take this message literally.

Law enforcement is a terrible career choice. It is fraught with danger, high stress levels and lousy pay. Many officers work two jobs to make ends meet. Thank God that there are individuals who overlook all this and still are there 24/7 to keep us from harm.

Like anything else there is good and there is bad. Police should be judged by the good they do stopping crime.

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio allowed the escalation of events that led to a very tragic conclusion.

Steven Metzler