Letters to the Editor

Allan Parnell and Ann Moss Joyner: What ‘diversity’ of opinions for civil rights?

Regarding the Dec. 12 news article “ Leaders defend UNC-CH centers’ missions”: UNC Board of Governors member Steven Long challenged the UNC School of Law Center for Civil Rights for lacking “a diversity of opinion” on civil rights.

Long, a board member of the Civitas Institute, clearly means conservative opinions on civil rights. What exactly are the current conservative opinions on civil rights?

In the past, conservatives have opposed voting rights for minorities. They have opposed fair housing laws that prevent racial discrimination in the purchase or rental of homes. Conservatives have supported policies that perpetuate racial residential segregation. They have supported allowing restaurants and hotels to deny service on the basis of race. Conservatives have supported racially separate and supposedly equal public schools. Are these the “diversity of opinions” Long refers to?

If not, Long should clearly articulate conservative opinions on civil rights and their legal basis before he asks for the endorsement and support of these positions by the UNC School of Law.

Allan Parnell and Ann Moss Joyner