Letters to the Editor

Ron Driver: Hackers challenge freedoms

Regarding the Dec. 18 news article “ U.S. says North Korea behind hack of Sony”: Hackers 1, Sony and media 0. The time finally came for the media, specifically Sony, to stand up for what they preach about free expression and free press, and they fold.

If hackers can cause a movie to be stopped for release, why not stop the news media from reporting on certain issues? If North Korea is behind the hacking, it really does not matter at this point. The real damage has been done. All media groups must do some soul searching now. Those who surrender freedom for security wind up with neither.

We are often lauded with loud protest from the same media anytime anyone gets between us and the information we deem needed for the freedom of the press and expression. Media are quick to respond to any infringement of those rights yet when a rogue nation along with a group of hacker nerds, half way around the world, threatens us and challenges our freedom, we hear nothing but the sound of a white flag flapping in the wind.

This is a sad day seeing one of the basic freedoms we have in our country surrendered to a foreign nation freely. This shows our true colors.

Ron Driver