Letters to the Editor

Margie Maddox: Where are the Democrats?

About 10 years ago, I moved to this state and proudly wore “blue” every chance I got. I found the N.C. Democratic Party’s web page and read the party’s platform. Now, that was where I wanted to be!

Ten years have passed, and I have to admit that I have started enjoying the color “purple” a whole lot more! The NCDP is broken just like much of the country; we have progressive-liberals fighting with conservative-traditionalists; we have allowed an outside group to become the face of our party; we have started to worry more about “metrics” rather than the actual people who are living in our state; and we even have candidates who run from the president and then blame him for their loss!

If the NCDP has any hope of returning to its glory days, Democrats need to re-read our party’s platform statements. We need to look past what divides us and begin to identify what unites us. We need to stop all the “name calling” and the “finger pointing.” And we need to remember that for many years, Democrats were considered “the party of the people.”

So, I have to ask, where have all the Democrats gone?

Margie Maddox