Letters to the Editor

John McKinney: Fun with scammers

I recently had a phone message that the Treasury Department was going to come and arrest my wife that left a number for me to call.

I called, asked a few questions, and while I already suspected a scam, the person was obviously “off shore.” I kept asking questions the caller couldn’t answer, like “Where are you?” The answer: “We don’t have to say. We are the Treasury Department.”

Then I asked if they were sending a federal marshal to arrest my wife, could they recommend what she should wear for her perp walk? They hung up. I called back and asked similar questions: Could I drive her to jail to save the taxpayers money? Can she receive Christmas presents in jail? I kept calling back, always wishing them a Merry Christmas.

Finally, they disconnected the number I was calling so I could no longer spread the season’s cheer with them.

I’m sure they have a bank of numbers, but I actually had a good time with this and took one of their numbers down.

John McKinney