Letters to the Editor

Patrick Sweeney: What if GOP cooperated?

Regarding the Dec. 24 news article “ U.S. economy hits stride as growth accelerates”: During this year’s third quarter, the U.S. economy grew at a pace faster than any quarter in the past 10 years. The commerce department measured the rate at 5 percent and attributed the result to stronger consumer spending and business development. It’s quite likely that the aforementioned strength in spending and development grew from 2014’s ranking as the country’s healthiest year for job growth in 15 years. This includes November’s 321,000 jobs added, the sharpest one-month increase in three years. Wow!

Just think what kind of economic successes and positive momentum the United States could have realized had Republicans supported President Obama’s job initiatives and efforts at rebuilding the country’s crumbling infrastructure. We’d have jobs and economic growth out the proverbial “wazoo.”

But then we’d all still be wondering: What really happened in Benghazi, right?

Patrick Sweeney