Letters to the Editor

Moorad Alexanian: Obama’s promise

Regarding Eugene Robinson’s Dec. 20 column “ A win for the Cuban people”: As a Cuban-born resident, I am somewhat ambivalent of President Obama’s establishing full diplomatic relations with Cuba. At best, Cuba can become a facsimile of today’s Russia and at worst a carbon copy of present-day Communist China.

How else can we make sense of Raul Castro thanking Obama but reaffirming Communist rule in Cuba? What is more disturbing to me, as an American citizen, is seeing the realization of the promise made by Obama prior to his election: “We are five days away from fundamentally transforming the United States of America.”

Even after the resounding Republican takeover of Congress in the midterm elections, Obama continues to govern by either presidential memorandum and/or executive orders. Is not this the form of government we want to eliminate in Cuba?

Moorad Alexanian