Letters to the Editor

Raghu Ballal: Obama did well with Cuba

Regarding the Dec. 19 news article “ N.C. lawmakers show partisan split on Cuba”: North Carolina’s Sen.-elect Thom Tillis’ and Sen. Richard Burr’s predictable knee-jerk reaction to anything that President Obama has done shows their unsuitability to be in a statesman position as a United States senator.

I had hoped that they would have analyzed the status with a nonpartisan view and given their opinions without parroting what every other Republican politician said.

After the revelations of the CIA torture report and the ongoing debate over police brutality in Ferguson, Mo., New York, Ohio, etc., I do not think we have the moral high ground to lecture any other nation about their human rights violations.

Lifting the embargo and starting full diplomatic relations with Cuba is the right thing to do, when such a policy during the past 50 years has not yielded any positive results.

The most admired moral leader of the world, Pope Francis was instrumental in bringing about this, and we have to question the credibility of senators like Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz in questioning Obama coddling up to an “evil” regime!

I admire Obama in gradually turning our jingoistic foreign policy to a more realistic, nonconfrontational, humanistic one in this globally connected, interdependent universe!

Raghu Ballal

Chapel Hill