Letters to the Editor

Alan B. Cormack: Tillis, Burr hypocrites on Cuba

Regarding the Dec. 19 news article “ N.C. lawmakers show partisan split on Cuba”: The hypocrisy drips from the mouths of our two Republican senators.

Sen.-elect Thom Tillis said, “The U.S. should only consider normalization once the Cuban government demonstrates a commitment to democratic reforms and human rights.”

The GOP election officials in North Carolina falsely targeted 500,000 registered voters for removal from the rolls under Operation Cross Check this past election. Is this Tillis’ idea of democratic reforms? It’s my idea of voter disenfranchisement, and nothing is being done about it.

Sen. Richard Burr said, “I continue to worry about human rights violations taking place in Cuba, including Cuba’s treatment of political prisoners, and am wary of the president’s action.”

Come January, Burr will be the chair of the Senate Intelligence Committee, and he plans to hide as much of the Senate torture report as he can and will refuse to hold anyone accountable for the horrible war crimes committed against so many prisoners, many of whom were never charged with any offense.

America’s reputation has already been damaged by what the rest of the world has known for a long time. The only way back is by truth and accountability.

Alan B. Cormack