Letters to the Editor

Earl Gilliam: Obama’s Cuban legacy

Regarding the Dec. 18 news article “ U.S. warms up to Cuba”: Normal relations with Cuba is at last at hand, after over 50 years of isolation and embargoes. Yeah, maybe.

The only problem: It looks like the U.S. has done all the giving, and Cuba has done all the taking in this new diplomatic initiative. There is no real agreement with Cuba to improve its poor record on human rights or to cease to be a state sponsor of terror. Cuba has agreed only that, in the future, it may talk about these differences.

The deal President Obama negotiated with Cuba seems haphazard, at best. I think what Obama has in mind is to do something to enhance his legacy as president. If he can establish a normal, give and take relationship with Cuba, after more than a half of a century apart that would give his legacy quite a boost. Right now he doesn’t have that much to brag about.

But on a positive note, Obama is getting a little better with his prisoner trades with despots. This time he only swapped three dangerous spies for one innocent American (and a CIA agent). The last time he swapped five hardened Jihadist prisoners for one suspected American deserter.

Earl Gilliam