Letters to the Editor

Gary Zuckerman: Rename ECU dorm

Regarding the Dec. 19 news article “ ECU eyes racially sensitive renaming”: How far has North Carolina moved in 100 years?

“He (ECU chancellor Steve Ballard) pointed out that naming the building occurred before the Civil Rights Act and before the arrival of the first African-American students.”

“I’m just very troubled that there’s this emotional rush to do something to make some constituency feel better,” trustee Kieran Shanahan said.

The chancellor actually believes that the timing of the Civil Rights Act and the admission of black students are mitigating factors? A university trustee refers to the “emotional” rush to discard the institution’s shameful remnants of racism?

Even the sympathetic sentiments from an ECU alumnus provided a not-too-subtle reminder that the “us” and “them” mentality at the core of racism is alive and well.

Charles Aycock, the building’s current namesake said, “Let us cast away the fear of all rivalry with the negro, all apprehension that he shall ever overtake us in the race of life. We are the thoroughbreds.” Enough said. Remove his name from the building.

Gary Zuckerman