Letters to the Editor

C. Michael Smith: Attracting business in NC

Regarding the Jan. 6 news story “McCrory: Legislature must pass jobs incentives”: With an improving global economy, now is the time to be aggressive in supporting programs that keep our state competitive and send a message that North Carolina is open for business.

In today’s global community, business retention and recruitment require the options of both incentives and competitive corporate tax rates to attract new businesses and retain current industries. Nearly every state and major country uses these tools, adapting them to remain competitive. North Carolina must continue to do the same.

Of particular interest is North Carolina’s Job Development Investment Grant program. JDIG’s flexibility and accountability have made it a model for how states can grow good jobs and pay strong wages. By design, JDIG returns a positive return on investment for the taxpayers of North Carolina, which also accounts for the program’s impact. This important tool has been a part of a large number of high impact projects across North Carolina and in the Triangle.

North Carolina’s continued support for programs and policies that create much-needed jobs and tax base needs to be a priority. Without these types of programs, economic developers across the state would operate at a disadvantage.

C. Michael Smith

President, North Carolina Economic Developers Association