Letters to the Editor

Dudley Schwartz: Triangle together

As recent transplants (we moved here from the DC area in March), my wife and I have observed the very real reluctance to reach across boundaries that the Dec. 26 letter “ Collaboration needed” addressed. What we’ve seen, we think, reflects this area’s not-so-long-ago existence as a set of relatively small communities that didn’t brush up against or interact with one another like the components of the Triangle do today.

There seems to be even today an aura of “small town parochialism” in the area: People joke about “needing a passport” to travel from Raleigh to Cary, or Durham to Raleigh, etc., and there are perceived social barriers to interactions involving people from different parts of the region.

For the Triangle to continue to be an attractive area in which to live and work, especially while the whole region is on the very same kind of growth curve that has turned the DC metro area into a 10 million or so person megalopolis, these attitudes have to change. At the risk of quoting Abraham Lincoln here in North Carolina, his statement, “United we stand, divided we fall,” is good guidance for all of us here today.

Dudley Schwartz