Letters to the Editor

Tina Sherman: Essential child care subsidies

Thank you so much for your Jan. 3 editorial “ Losing care” regarding child care subsidies. It is critical that we shed light on the challenges many families face with the recent changes in eligibility policies for child care subsidies.

While the intent of the new standards was to serve younger children who are waiting for services, the unintended consequences put many families at risk. The child care subsidies are critical for many North Carolinians who are trying to work and provide for their families.

One of the ramifications of the new standards means that parents may be unable to afford child care costs that would limit their ability to work. This could force some parents to choose unlicensed child care arrangements or to leave their children in unsafe or unsupervised situations. No parent should be put in this situation.

We need to support our community and families who are working hard to provide a better life for their children.

As the long session approaches, I encourage our lawmakers to reconsider the child care subsidy policies on income legibility, family co-pay and the family income unit definition.

Tina Sherman