Letters to the Editor

Barton and Sharon Holtz: Ready to rumble

We just read the Jan. 5 “Community Conversations” and the Jan. 4 letters “ Protecting freedom” and “ 3 points on the 2nd” and were astonished by the number of writers who support gun rights, not to protect themselves or for hunting but to be ready to overthrow our elected government if their “right to arms” were infringed upon.

They would be ready to change our form of government at gun point rather than at the ballot box. Is this what the Founding Fathers had in mind with the Second Amendment? I think not. It hasn’t worked too well in the Middle East.

The real risk to our democracy is the ability of large corporations and the very wealthy to buy an election. We would rather see those so concerned by their gun rights, including the NRA, instead demand that their legislators pass laws that return elections to the voters, not to those who put profit and control above democracy.

Barton and Sharon Holtz