Letters to the Editor

Margaret Albert: Peace, understanding needed

Regarding the Jan. 16 news article “ Duke reverses on Muslim prayer”: While I understand the reasoning behind Duke University’s decision, I am disappointed in the turn of events.

As a church lady and preacher’s daughter, I have found the Islam call to prayer to be one of the most beautiful religious rituals that exist in our world today. Duke University’s original decision to allow the chanting of the adhan on Fridays from the tower of a Christian house of worship was a thoughtful gesture toward religious tolerance and unity. Our Christian community could learn from the Muslim community’s daily dedication to prayer.

Franklin Graham’s statements in the article convey his and some Christians’ ignorance of the Muslim faith. The behavior and beliefs of jihadists and radicals are no more religious than the behavior and beliefs of radical Christians. It is more of a cultural difference than a religious one.

We would all be healthier both physically and mentally if we spent more time each day in prayer or meditation – pick your practice.

I am sad that the Duke community won’t hear this call to prayer. It might have been an opportunity for us all to be reminded to take time out each day for peace and understanding.

Margaret Albert